About My Blog


Hi there! And welcome to my blog! cStephen IMG_20200105_143633

It probably won’t take you long to guess that I’m a clergyman, and so I’m not going to pretend for one moment that I’m not, or that ‘I don’t do God’ – because I do!  Not only is it my job but it’s very much me as a person.

Neither am I going to suggest for one moment that I have all the answers – because I don’t, but equally I hope that what I write will be of some interest and bring a Christian perspective to bear on some of today’s issues and life as I see it. I’m not trying to impress, badger or force my opinion upon anyone and I’m certainly not looking for a fight – but if you find my insights helpful or if it gives you ‘food for thought’ then that’s great; please take it, be happy, praise God and be encouraged! If not – leave it alone, that’s fair enough – enough said!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll call again.

God bless


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