Sermons-Online-PostWelcome to my Sermons page.

I hope to provide links here to the transcripts of some of my more helpful sermons for people to peruse, enjoy and reflect upon. For the purpose of this blog the text has been re-recorded and can be listened to (as well as read) by clicking the Soundcloud button at the bottom of the text. However if you would like to hear these sermons as they were originally delivered, then most of them are available on the All Saints Necton website at All Saints Necton / Sermons

I hope you find them interesting and helpful.


Matthew 1.18-25 / The Angel Appears to Joseph

Matthew 28.1-10 / Alleluia – Christ is Risen!

Luke 2.21-33,39-40 / Snowdrops: Symbols of Hope

John 11.1-45 / The Raising of Lazarus

John 20.19-31 / Jesus Appears to Thomas

Revelation 12. 7-12St Michael & All Angels